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You have a unique opportunity to increase your income during this campaign without any additional investments. Open a new account or replenish the existing one, and the Company will give you bonus in the amount of 100% to a deposit.



To participate in the campaign you have to open an account or replenish the existing one for $100 or more.

Verify your account uploading ID documents in Personal Account.

Send an application for participation. The funds will be credited to your trading account within 24 hours.

Bonus is given without stop-out. It is not available for withdrawal or transfer to personal or trading accounts until conditions are not performed.

Bonus is not used in calculations of margin.

Withdrawal/transfer of bonus is available after the trading condition for $5 credit - 1 lot is performed.

日期: 01.09.2015 - 30.07.2016


Increase or change of % of credit funds cam be reviewed privately.

The Company has a right to cancel given earlier bonus funds when the Client is out of personal available funds on account or they are equal zero.

It is allowed a drawdown of bonus funds in amount of 10% from available funds on other Client’s accounts.

WIT Ltd. Company has a right to cancel or reduce bonus when the Client withdraws any amount from account without fulfilling conditions of the number of closed lots.

Depending on the market situations, unfulfilment of conditions, fraud from the Client, the Company may decide to cancel bonuses.

If you have any questions about bonus funds, please write to us: