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Fee:                                    A fee of 5% is charged by WebMoney. Compensation 3% due to the company. 

Currency:                           EUR, USD

Period of Transaction:       Instantly.



Step 1

Authorize on the website in the Personal Account. Log in to account using the data (e-mail and password) you have specified during registration. If you have not yet registered you can create an account right now. Sign up.

Step 2 
Enter the amount of payment
Choose "Deposit" in the Personal Account, then specify the amount you wish to deposit. Then you need to go the "Enter the choice of payment method."

Step 3 
In the given menu you have to select the most convenient method of payment -WebMoney Transfer. Then click "Deposit". Confirm the selected method by clicking on the appropriate icon.

Step 4 
Fill in the payment details.
Fill in the payment details for payment at the page of payment transaction.

Step 5 
Completion of payment
Carefully check the information you filled in and click "Continue".