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Campaign is available to WIT-GOLD and WIT-VIP clients

WIT-GOLD - 12% annual

WIT-VIP - 17% annual

Minimum amount of deposit must be not less than $10,000.

Revenue is credited automatically at the beginning of the next calendar period.

Revenue is credited for each $1,000 on your deposit.

The required number of lots for any instrument must be not less than 10 lots per month for each $1,000 of deposit.

Bonus funds, provided by the WIT Ltd. Company from other campaigns, do not take part in calculation of revenue.

日期: 15.01.2016 - 15.01.2017


Additional information:

Enlargement or change of revenue can be reviewed privately.

WIT Ltd. Company has the right to cancel or reduce revenue in case if the Client withdraws initial deposit.

The Company can stop cooperation with the Client without any notification due to market situation, unfulfilled conditions or fraudulent.