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In Mexico, told when they remove the restrictive retaliatory measures against the United States

Mexico will remove retaliatory restrictive measures imposed earlier against goods from the United States, in connection with the abolition of this country duties on steel and aluminum, the government said on Friday.  Thus, the Mexican authorities confirmed the fact of reaching an agreement with the northern neighbor regarding the abolition of duties on these goods.  "After negotiations between Mexico and the United States regarding steel and aluminum duties imposed by this country on Mexican steel, an agreement was reached that is advantageous to both parties: these duties are canceled, the supply of steel and aluminum from our country remains without quotas. Thus, duty-free is restored  trade exchange for these products, "- said in a communique of the government.  Earlier, the authorities of Canada and the United States in a joint statement also officially confirmed the achievement of agreements on the withdrawal within 48 hours of American duties on the supply of steel and aluminum from Canada.  In March 2018, it became known that Washington was imposing duties on steel and aluminum imported into the US - 25% and 10%, respectively.  With respect to the EU, Mexico and Canada, this decision was enacted from June 1.  In response, in early June, Mexico officially announced the introduction of retaliatory duties of 15-25% for certain types of steel products, pork, agricultural products and whiskey from the United States.