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Facebook said that the passwords of millions of Instagram users were stored in unencrypted form.

Employees of the company could freely familiarize themselves with them.
The management of the company and the social network of the same name Facebook admitted that the passwords from the accounts of several million users of the Instagram network that it owns were placed on the company's internal servers in the clear. As noted in a document published on Thursday on the official Facebook page, company employees could easily get acquainted with them.
In a publication dated by the end of March, it was said that in January a "regular check" was carried out on the social network. "We found that the passwords of some users are stored in a readable form in the internal storage systems," the report said. "We corrected these shortcomings and alert everyone whose passwords were stored this way." The company stressed that we are talking about hundreds of millions of Facebook Lite users, tens of millions of Facebook users and tens of thousands of Instagram users.
However, on Thursday, the publication has been amended. “From the moment this post was posted, we found additional Instagram password lists that were stored in a readable format. According to our calculations, this problem affected millions of Instagram users. We’ll notify these users as much as everyone else,” says in the publication.