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We announce with pleasure a new “20 16” campaign. On conditions of this campaign, you can receive 20% of bonus funds for a deposit, plus 16% of bonus funds for profit and 16% in case of negative result during the trade within the campaign.

Bonus funds “+16%” are gift and you can freely command these funds after the end of the campaign.
- Register a personal account in the company
- Verify your account, uploading ID documents to prove your identity
- Open a trading account
- Existing clients of the Company can open a new trading account
- Fill in application for participation
- Make a deposit to your account in the amount of $500 or more
- After the abovementioned conditions are completed, 20% bonus funds will be credited to your account in 12 hours
- WIT Ltd. Company will add 16% of funds to the a profit you gain during the campaign
- In case of loss, the Company will cover 16% of lost funds of a deposit participated in the campaign
Conditions of use:
- 20% bonus funds are credited only to those accounts which were deposited during the period of application receipt
- 20% bonus funds can be used to calculate margin and provided without Stop-out
- 20% bonus funds will be charged from an account after the campaign is over
- Given funds belong to the WIT Ltd. Company. In case of violation of campaign’s conditions or rules established by the Company, the Company has the right to charge funds without notification
- It is forbidden to transfer funds from another trade account to personal account and other trade accounts
- 16% funds will be calculated and credited within 72 hours after the campaign is over
- All open positions on the last day of the campaign must be closed to calculate % of funds. The Company has the right to close open positions without notification if the Client has open positions on the Client’s trading account at the moment of calculation of profit
- Profit means funds gained over deposit, not taking into account 20% bonus funds
- Profit means funds gained as a result of trade during the campaign
- In case if the Client withdraws a part of profit during the active campaign, 16% funds will be credited accounting difference
- Transfer of funds from another accounts does not give a right to participate in the campaign
- Withdrawal of % credited by the company is available after the campaign is over

Applications for participation and 20% bonus funds crediting are available - 15.12.2015 - 15.01.2016

日期: 15.12.2015 - 29.02.2016


Participation for one Client is available only once during the whole term of the campaign. 20% of bonus funds are credited to accounts deposited during 15.12.2015 - 15.01.2016. Any actions that may bring financial losses to the Company from bonus receipt are strictly forbidden. WIT Ltd. Company has a right to cancel bonus funds and to decline crediting of % funds in case if the client withdraws funds from the deposit in any amount. 


Increase or change of % of credit funds can be reviewed privately.

The Company has a right to cancel given earlier bonus funds when the Client is out of personal available funds on an account or they are equal zero.

It is allowed a drawdown of bonus funds in the amount of 10% from available funds on other Client’s accounts.

WIT Ltd. Company has a right to cancel or reduce bonus when the Client withdraws any amount from account without fulfilling conditions about the number of closed lots.

Depending on the market situations, unfulfilment of conditions, fraud from the Client, the Company may decide to cancel bonuses.

If you have any questions about bonus funds, please write to us:

Given campaign cancels all other bonus funds and campaigns of the Company for the account.

Applications for participation and 20% bonus funds crediting are available - 15.12.2015 - 15.01.2016